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Video library titles don't keep spaces from file names

I am uploading an MP4 video file to my GoToWebinar Video Library.  The file name has spaces in it - matching the title of the webinar it originally came from. I edited the recording file and want to put it back in my Video Library so I can associate it with the webinar. I want the title on the video to be the same as the webinar, including spaces between words.


But GoToWebinar throws away the spaces, leaving me with a big run-on collection of letters as the name of the video. It does not matter whether I use drag-and-drop or browse-and-upload to select the source file. It also does not matter whether I use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. I also experimented with renaming the file on disk using Shift-Space and CTRL-Space between words. In all cases, spaces are thrown away in the video title online.


This would be trivial if GoToWebinar let me edit video titles, but that feature still has not been implemented, long after numerous people have requested it. I'm very frustrated.

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