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Webinar on-demand - what analytics are available?



We recently switched to using GoToWebinar and there are a few questions I'd like to ask concerning what's possible and what are your best practices.


We are only offering a webinar-on-demand at the moment, so I'm not sure if the analytics offered with regular webinar are more advanced.


When I go to Analytics and click on the session that's my webinar-on-demand, I see this message

"Sit back and relax

If your webinar has just finished, it may take up to 15 minutes before its analytics are available."
I can download reports and get some more data, but is it supposed to be like that? (that I can't see the analytics directly in the client)
Also the "Time in Session" record. I can see that one of my attendees spent 18 hours 45 minutes watching my webinar-on-demand - is there anything I can do to avoid gathering data like this? Does it keep tracking the time forever if I leave the webinar in an inactive tab and don't close it?
Also the "join time - leave time" record - what does it mean if I see 2 time periods in this record like below?
07/03/2019 12:35 AM BST - 07/03/2019 01:00 AM BST (26 minutes),07/03/2019 01:00 AM BST - 07/03/2019 02:05 AM BST (1 hour 6 minutes)


Could you please help me with these questions? Thanks so much!

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Webinar on-demand - what analytics are available?

Hi @Mateusz_XPLUS ,

Welcome to the GoToWebinar Community!

  1. Yes, that 'waiting' message should go away once the data finishes processing.
  2. Analytics with live webinars will certainly contain more data, due to the potential for more interaction with attendees while you are live --- such as Q&A.
  3. The online viewpoint of your webinar analytics is meant to show a graphic that is not available by downloading reports.  These views are accurate, but not as granular as the actual Attendee Report might be, for example.
  4. There's no way to alter or automatically change the 'Time in session' statistic at this time.