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ClearType Text Disabled? - Blocky/Unclear Text


It seems like LogMeIn somehow disables ClearType text in the Windows host.  Is there a way to get it to stop doing that?


Background and Testing:

I have always noticed that text viewed through a LogMeIn remote session have seemed less clear/smooth than directly viewing the host's physical monitor.  Historically I chalked this up to compression.  Now that we have all of our users working remotely, I have been getting complaints. 


Through a bunch of testing, I found that most things are pretty clear when the network connection is good, the color quality is set to HD, and the host and remote computer resolutions are matched.  An array of single-pixel-wide lines come through clearly without noticeable distortion.  But portions of characters that may be less than a full pixel in size comes through as blocky and/or lacking clarity.


I tried all variations of settings that are available (network, color, resolution), and nothing improved this issue.  I tried with the display accelerator enabled and disabled, but it didn't change.  I could not find that LogMeIn offers an option like "font smoothing" or similar like some other products do.


I somewhat randomly checked the Windows ClearType Text settings on the host computer, and found that ClearType was disabled.  But it is enabled by default, and I know for sure that I did not disable it.  So it seems that LogMeIn automatically disabled it.  Is there a setting/method that will cause this to stop?

New Contributor

Re: ClearType Text Disabled? - Blocky/Unclear Text

Additional data in case it is helpful:  enabling ClearType Text on the host computer does not persist.  Even if I maintain the active LMI session and only log out of the Windows user account and log back in, ClearType Text is disabled again.  I have not found any method or combination of settings that can correct this.


So I'm still needing a way for it to be that the ClearType Text setting won't be overwritten and disabled as a result of using LMI.