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New Contributor

Customer service survey



Today I opened a case and I would like to know if there's a customer survey after the resolution of the case. Yeah... I didn't have a good experience with an agent today. 


If this is the wrong place to post this, my apologies, but I couldn't find any other channel to keep the company aware of what type of support is being provided. 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Customer service survey

Hello @brunolopes2 ,

I am sorry if your recent support experience was poor.

If you have a case that remains unresolvd, you may post that number here so that we can look into it further.


Also, describing your issue in detail may yield some insights through the Community here.

New Contributor

Re: Customer service survey

Thanks for replying AshC,


Actually the case was resolved on my end. The case number is 16328093.


The issue is how the case was handled. Points to improvement: I would say soft skills in general. My problem could be resolved in the first call, but he insisted to send us to the support website instead of understand what we were reporting. 



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Customer service survey

Thanks @brunolopes2 , I will share the feedback with our support teams.