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New Contributor

Can't start session unless it is running as Windows Service



I trying to connect to PC running Windows 10 1909. The following Issue appears both with a calling card or starting a session with a PIN.


The applet takes a couple seconds to start. The Update Check for the calling card isn't working. When I then connect it takes like 60 Seconds for the session to show up the Tech Console, when it it then started it says the connection was disconnetced. On the client site it is still waiting for a response.


When I configure the Sessions that it runs as a Windows service it also fails the update check but then it works (takes time but works). From the setting menu I can then also start the update check.


Problem is that the PC is incontrolled enviroment and it can't be started as a service. For testing i disabled the firewall but no changes. I also tried the beta applet and clicking on connect with ctrl+shift+alt pressed, but other then seeing the log nothing improves.


Any help is greatly appreciated.