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File Manager with Android phones

I've found that LogMeIn Rescue does not seem to properly support File Manager to pull files from Android 8 devices. I've tested Samsung S7, S8, S9, Google Pixel, PixelXL, Pixel2.


After establishing a remote support session, I go to the File Manager tab in the Technician Console and click "Launch Session." A dialog indicates connecting, and then connected. On the mobile device, the log indicates that File Management was initiated by me, and then immediately that I stopped File Management. Nothing ever shows in the remote device section of the Technician Console.


Is it possible that I'm missing a necessary setting or plugin? On the Samsung devices, I installed the Rescue app as well as the Samsung plugin, but no go.


When calling in to Support, the representitive said that it's very tricky to support mobile devices and that he could not help me. Smiley Surprised

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Re: File Manager with Android phones

@scissors  Sorry about that.


Which operating system was being used as the client in this situation?  Has this functionality ever worked for you before?

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Re: File Manager with Android phones

@scissors  It looks like we have reproduced this issue on Android 8.0 systems.  We'll update this thread when the problem is fully resolved.

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Re: File Manager with Android phones

Hello @scissors !

Could you share your TC version number to me?