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New Contributor

LAN stuttering issues

So this is an interesting problem I've been having on one of our CNC control systems. It is a Windows10 system. On this particular machine we have 3 LAN ports dedicated to the CNC controls. 2x Intel i210, one for each motion control device and one Intel i219 for the TCP modbus network. The PC is connected to the internet via a wifi connection, which is obviously how I remote into the system with the Rescue app. When the machine is running, without the remote connection active, we are having data flow issues on the i210 NICs. We are getting some severe stuttering motion due to loss of data. However, when a remote connection is made with Rescue (running as a system service), the problem is resolved. So this is not so much of an issue with Rescue, but a why is it solving my problem and how do I get the system to the same state when Rescue is not connected? In short, what does Rescue do to the Windows system when a remote connection is made?


We thought this was an interrupt moderation problem, that has been turned off. Tx and Rx buffers are maxed out on the LAN ports, disabled a bunch of the offloading and flow control. Checked and double, triple checked power settings, everything is set to maximum performance. Nothing should be suspended or shut down to save power. I'm at my wits end with this one and need to find a solution. This is not something I've seen on any of our other systems, I'm not sure what is different. We image all our PCs so they should all be set up the same way.


Any help/thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading thru this and in advance for any advice you might have.

New Contributor

Fascinating. I refreshed the NIC driver to attempt to determine this issue with no change. The issue I'm seeing totally disappears when the far off association is made with salvage. Some way or another the Logmein programming is fixing the issue, simply haven't had the option to make sure about how. I will revamp this framework without any preparation, not utilizing the picture and start absolutely new. We'll perceive what occurs.