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Connect on LAN issues Needs Remote Registry running

Can someone please add a button / or checkbox to start the remote registry service when trying to connect on lan. I do this now but it is time consuming. I have a batch file that calls the  PSSERVICE.EXE program (Microsoft toolkit) and starts the remote registry (or any service) - but I have to edit the batch file outside of Logmein Rescue and it is difficult to train our helpdesk folks to know how to set this up and use. the syntax is "psservice \\ start RemoteRegistry " . 

It would be easy I think for your programmer to integrate this feature - and it is needed by many, many people. please have someone take a look at this as a solution to the connect on lan issues with Win 10.

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Re: Connect on LAN issues Needs Remote Registry running

Hello BrissonD,


I am regret to tell you that it is not an easy nor a quick task to implement a totaly new button into the Technician Consol that is used by multiple hundreds of thousand technician in each day. That changes have to follow a very long and deep regression test too.

Btw, it is much easier and faster solution for your problem: