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Date/Time stamp on Rescue screen prints

I was wondering if was there a possibility to add date/time stamps on Rescue Lens photos.

When saving screenshots, we can have that info in the file name/info, however some clients saw the need of having it on the picture itself. When taking printscreens for audits, for example, that would be really helpful.



Active Contributor

Re: Date/Time stamp on Rescue screen prints

To enable timestamp, go to Settings by tapping on the cog-shaped icon at the upper right corner. Tap on Camera settings and scroll down until you see the Stamp photos option. Open Camera further allows you to change the font color and size as per your convenience.


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Re: Date/Time stamp on Rescue screen prints

I'm assuming you're talking about a database table. If that is the case and you need to know date information choose a date time for both modify_date and create_date. If you don't need date information use a time stamp.



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