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High physical disk utilization

I keep seeing the Logmein Rescue (32 bit) take a lot of read/write resources on the hard drive. We have several customers with HDDs that can't handle a single program that wants a throughput of 60+ MB/ s to the hard drive very well. What is causing such high demand? Is there anything I can do to reduce it?

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Re: High physical disk utilization

I am also seeing the same issue, and it has made some computers im trying to support unusable while logmein session is active.


This Seems to be related to the new "Steaming Rescue Lense" way LMI streams the desktop.  I have found that if I goto Options -> Default Session Type - >  Standard   the Disk utilization of LMI is basically down to 0% and everything runs smooth.   


I have been having so many issues with the Rescuse lense interface its not woth using.  causes my Rescue client to constantly lock up, and become un-reponsive mainly when trying to puase a session.    Have issue while using lense that my end user will allow access but i can never get connected from my side.   Going back to Session type standard has resolved all the issues. 



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Re: High physical disk utilization

Hi @ReversePhase welcome to the GoTo Community.


Thanks for sharing your experience, it has been shared with the team. 


To address the issues experienced with the "Streaming Rescue Lens" feature, I recommend reaching out to customer support. They are equipped to provide assistance and may be able to offer guidance or solutions tailored to your specific situation.

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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