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LMI Rescue Never Fully Show Screen

Has anyone seen recently where you go through all the steps to get connected, the user accepts the final prompt and the screen share never fully completes? To be clear this is not a elevation of prompt issue. I have connected with Zoom to see the screen while we are initiating the last step, clicked ok, and it simply never shows the screen.

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Re: LMI Rescue Never Fully Show Screen

Hi @pdiddy0

Can you tell us which operating systems are affected by this behavior, and if they had any extra security applications activated? 


Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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Re: LMI Rescue Never Fully Show Screen

I had the same issue last week. A GoTo technician connected to the remote client Windows 10 computer, then I was able to launch the remote control session. He didn't do anything other than connect to the same machine I was trying to connect to. Now I'm having the same issue with a differnt PC at the same location today. This would seem to be a problem with the client downloaded remote control app in Windows 10. Interstingly, I was able to connect to a MacBook laptop in my house but not to a Windows 10 desktop in a remote location. I need a solution to this as it is making Rescue unusable for me.

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Re: LMI Rescue Never Fully Show Screen

Also, I should not that we use AVG business edition for anti-virus and firewall as we always have, never had an issue before.