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Remote sessions automatically close or disconnect

Not sure what happened, as everything was working fine a few days ago, but now every time I start a session, I get an error message saying that it is a UAC enabled device and that I have to restart the applet as a Windows System Service.


In the Admin Center, I have 'Automatically start as Windows System Service: if customer has administrative rights and UAC is enabled' checked on the channel and technician levels.


I also tried it without checking, only checking one, etc. I've tried basically everything...


So, what happens when I start a session is that right away I see that error. I can still chat back and forth. But if I click on Launch Remote Session, I still get the popup asking for permission, and I can see the remote session start for literally .3 of a second before automatically closing, along with the message, 'Forced screen recording file cannot be saved. (Access is denied, Error:-2147024891)'.


I have tried both checking and unchecking forced recordings, along with putting a local pathway, but again, nothing works.


The "support" I received from "support" was to whitelist about 20 urls, which defeats the absolute entire purpose of having this system. Imagine if I had to whitelist all those urls on every customer's computer before they were able to contact us...yeah, not happening. Also, nothing has changed on our end for that to be an issue.


It's becoming blatantly clear that Rescue Support has no idea how to fix this. I'm hoping someone has had the same experience and can tell me how they fixed it. Thanks

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Re: Remote sessions automatically close or disconnect

Hi @ClearlineTech

If the end user is restricted, I mean not a fully elevated user, and the UAC is ON for that machine, then the normal applet is also restricted to the end user's rights.  In this case the technician may service the customer but under certain limitations.  That's why the TC informs the technician about the UAC, and the restricted state of the end user.  This is for the security of the end user to prevent unwanted hacking.

To have "Full" access to the end user's machine the applet should be switched to  Windows System Service mode. The technician may switch the applet to WSS during a rescue session when he needs extra functions, like changing users on the machine, access folders that the end user cannot, etc.  In this case, depending on the local policy settings either the Tech has to enter the admin credentials, or the end user at the UAC prompt.

It is also possible to initiate WSS mode before session starts.  In the admin center there is an option that the applet should start as WSS.  When an applet starts on the machine of a restricted user, that option tells the applet to switch to WSS.  The applet tries to elevate to have admin rights, it happens before the applet and the TC are connected. This depends on the end user if he has the rights, or the knowledge to elevate.  Like if the end user is an admin but not fully elevated, then the policy may let him elevate to full admin with a simple click on the UAC prompt.  If the end user is a restricted user, then they have to enter the admin credentials to elevate.

All this occurs before the TC connection.  If the end user's elevation fails then the applet falls back to normal/restricted mode.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Remote sessions automatically close or disconnect

Amen. I have the same problem 3 years later that started out of nowhere. Very frustrating. I didn't change anything so how is it a problem with my system. It looks like nobody knows what is going on and when I called the rescue, it was absolutely a waste of time because they couldn't stay connected on their end either but never mentioned this is a known problem......