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Restart the cutomer applet

I'd like to be able to run tasks on the end user device that require me entering my admin credentials. When I attempt to do this the user sees the login window but I don't. I noticed there is a message stating the logged in user has restricted access and that the Customer Applet needs to be restarted as a Windows service.


I can see the option to do this but I can't seem to get it to work. I type my admin credentials in and the user then sees a couple of prompts. They accept these, but even though it appears I have done this correctly;


Customer Applet is running as a Windows system service.


I can't see their screen. The session is 'active' and the connected 'time' is ticking up




GoTo Manager

Re: Restart the cutomer applet

Hi @DannyC624, welcome to the community.


Does the Launch Remote Control Session remain greyed out? Once the Rescue applet has restarted and is running as a service you should be able to start Remote Control again.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: Restart the cutomer applet

Hi @GlennD 


Not sure what happened yesterday but it's working today. I'm using the trial version so still getting used to it. (I think I may not have selected the session)?


Anyway...all good now thanks