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Run a speed test through LMI

Hello Everyone, 


I wanted one of my first posts to be helpful to anyone out there looking to do this. I made a script that helps you run a speed test on the client/customer's computer. 


Requirement: The client/customer need to be able to download 1mb. If they are remoting in to you because they have a low internet connect/intermittent connection, then this may not be the best. The best suggestion would be to have them go to or to go to there ISP to verify internet outages or intermittency. 


Link to files to use:


Script: (speedtest.cmd)

@echo off
speedtest --accept-license

Resource file: (speetest.exe)


an image of how it should be setup:




I hope this helps anyone.


Thank you for your time, 

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Re: Run a speed test through LMI

Many people use speed test websites to measure their connection speed. has one as well. However, a more accurate test involves actually downloading a sizable file and measuring the speed averaged out over a few minutes. This is more reflective of a real-like scenario when you are actually downloading a large file, or streaming a movie.


JCPenney Kiosk