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Script to transfer files

So I did search and only found very old forum posts so I'm hoping there is something new on this.  I support a software package and we've got it deployed on close to 1000 PCs in the field.  When we connect to a field PC, its usually to reinstall the software.  Because the package is made up of 4 seperate applications, there are a number of folders to copy and it can take a good bit of time.  I was wondering if its possible to script copying files from the host machine to the remote machine or is this still something that can't really be done?  


I do see that you can add a resource file for an embedded script, but I don't want this to run automatically...this is more an as needed kind of thing.



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Re: Script to transfer files

Hello JdeStefano!

Thank you for your question. You can use other scripts too.
The technicians can manage their local scripts, and the admins can setup centralized scripts for techie groups as well.

I hope this was helpfull for you.