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User Chat Box Features and Update Requests

We use logmein rescue for support and it is great! 


We would like to have an option for the chat window to be show on top and the ability to have an icon on the side of the screen to hide the chat and to easily bring it up.


Doing this makes it easier to for the user to work on our program and the user to still be able to read the chat window for instructions.


I know the chat window has not changed for years but I am hoping an option could be added to give us a lot more flexablily in supporting our customers.


Multiple States: 

- Chat windows is hidden with an icon that you can click on. The icon would be located on the side of the screen that would always be shown on top. So someone can easily click on it.

- If a technician chats it would either flash, show information about a new chat or come up right away. 

- Once the chat window is open it would always be on top until you "minimize" it to the side of the screen.



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Re: User Chat Box Features and Update Requests

@eraser4  Thanks for the feedback here, we take all ideas into consideration!

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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