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Windows device manager

I'm having trouble controlling Windows device manager over a remote session.


I connect remotely and the user enters their password.  I open the device manager from the right-click on the start menu.  Windows warns me that it's logged in as a standard user, but I can still open up the properties pop-up for any device.  On that properties window it's mostly read-only but there's the security access button for Change Settings.  When I click that it reloads the properties window editable - to click the Update Driver button, for example - but at that point my remote session does not have any control over the reloaded window.  I can see the new window just fine, and I can still control other items on the remote system.


Is this a familiar problem to anyone?  Do I need to back up and open the device manager itself in some way with elevated permissions?  Do I need to prompt for the user to enter something within the remote desktop session so I can have control of that properties window?