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session disappears from the session list and then reappears

Hi, I have a problem right now with sessions being repeatedly disconnected after a few seconds.

The session disappears from the session list at the top of the technician console window, and then reappears after a few seconds, only to disconnect again a few seconds after that, and this cycle continues. The problem is also happening to a colleague who is trying to connect to a different target PC, from a different geographical location using a different account. I have rebooted my PC but the issue is still occurring.

Has anyone else experienced this or can advise please?


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Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: session disappears from the session list and then reappears

@paduquqi  I am unable to recreate this experience myself.  Can you confirm the Rescue version in use on your PC if the problems persist?

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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