More Robust Schedules and Holiday scheduling

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More Robust Schedules and Holiday scheduling

More Robust Schedules and Holiday scheduling

It would be great when you create a schedule that you could color code the schedule with day mode, night mode, AND LUNCH mode with out having to make a second schedule. That would mean the schedule tab would need to have a 4th option for lunch.


I would also like to see a node that can be drawn to "holiday schedule" node in the dial plan. The holiday tab could be set up how it is not with admins being able to set the dates and times of the holiday but then they would also be able to add a sound clip to each of the holidays that are scheduled. This would make it so admins don't have to login all the time to change the holiday message OR is they forget then a customer isn't hearing the Thanksgiving message at Christmas time

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I would like to suggest that GoTo add reoccurring holidays to the schedule.  My company has 45 separate PBX setups and we have to go into every single schedule to setup holidays for the new year.  It is a clickfest that could be easily avoided with a little coding.  Most of their competitor's products have this feature.

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Enable recurring holidays within Schedules for the PBX.  The system should be able to recognize when holidays move around on a calendar.  For exmaple, July 4th falls on a tuesday this year but next year the system will recoginize the date change to a wednesday, etc...