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AV softwares/Browsers flagging GoToResolve App as malicious/suspicious

When attempting to connect to and support end users, we have began getting a high number of them getting prompted that the app download is suspicious., resulting in them haveing to verify they want to keep the download and are they SURE they want to keep the download. This is a bad look for us and also complicates the process of connecting to their systems to help. We have also had McAfee repeatedly delete the downloaded GoToResolve app off of the client's computer before they could run it. We did not have these issues with GoToAssist Corporate.


Please follow the proper channels with the various security softwares and browsers to have them recognize your program/domain as valid.

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Re: AV softwares/Browsers flagging GoToResolve App as malicious/suspicious

Hi @SyntecRyan,


Can you provide more details about which McAfee software your clients are using and the messages being displayed? Are they using enterprise or personal versions? False positives happen from time to time and normally we have to ask the AV provider to review our file(s) that they are flagging in order to have them update their virus definitions.


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Re: AV softwares/Browsers flagging GoToResolve App as malicious/suspicious

I would assume personal version as normally it's the version that forced onto new computers and they just leave it there or sign up.


It's also either Chrome itself or the Norton Chrome plugin we have notice recently causing them to confirm they want to keep the download.


Edit: Unsure if it is Google Chrome or Microsoft Windows UAC causing the "keep" prompts via the Chrome browser. This seems new as we haven't had this issue before this week with the GoToResolve app download.