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Client side application running twice

My team continues to have issues with the client side application running  more than once on thier machines, causing the session to loop continuously until we kill the session and recreate it. Is this a known issue? Seems to happen if the client downloads and runs the program more than once. (usually due to their computer security or connection speed getting in the way)


I'm curious as to why it even allows it to run more than once on the same system for the same session.


Typically happens on Windows client systems.

GoTo Manager

Re: Client side application running twice

Hi @SyntecRyan,


I have been unable to find any other reports of this issue so far. Just so I am understanding the issue correctly when you say 'client-side app', do you mean the GoToResolve Desktop Console software that is used by a technician to hold a remote support session or the software that runs on the computer that is receiving support? 


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Re: Client side application running twice

The software that runs on the client's computer.