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New Contributor

Re: Multiple unattended icons on taskbar

Still seeing the same issue at the latest version available for download from our portal is the 5.6 version.  Is there a way for us to have the 5.7 version released to us?

Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: Multiple unattended icons on taskbar

@FreedomSolution  I double checked the rollout plan for 5.7, and it looks like we should be at 100% by next week.  I'm sorry for the confusion, it should not have been posted on the support site so early. 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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New Member

Re: Unattended access clients off line

The LOG files from this folder ("LogMeIn Remote Support Unattended") had grown unnoticed until they consumed greater than a third of our drive capacity. 


GoToAssist support said this was "version 5 failing to update." The irony is that we are IT professionals and use v4.8 for our needs. While we might have attempted using v5 in the past, it certainly was removed.


To date, we have Add/Removed the following: "GoToAssist Customer," "GoToAssist Expert," and "GoTo Opener 1.0.539." Still unable to remove/rename the above folder we then used msconfig to stop ALL services relating to GoToAssist, more specifically "LMIRemoteSupport_LN9dJboWZd."


Currently without a solution and LOG files growing, a total of 203k+ files, 203+ GB