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GoTo Connect Voicemail-To-Email Delivery Problems With Office365



We use GoTo Connect for voicemail to e-mail. Last Thursday we stopped receiving e-mails with voice messages attached. We checked GoTo and calls were registered as coming in, but no e-mails with voicemail messages were being received.


We changed the e-mail address to receive the e-mails with voice mail message from our company domain, Office 365 / Outlook,  to gmail and the messages came through on the gmail account.


On searching the Internet I found a post which advised the problem could be:


"We currently use GoTo Connect and use a voicemail-to-email function for our shared voicemail boxes. It has been working really well until the last few days. In investigation these emails from were not making it to our O365 Exchange environment. After reaching out to GoTo we kind of got the run around with tier 1 support but made it to tier 2 and found out that they are currently having an issue with some of their emails to O365 clients getting blocked by Microsoft. The support staff did not tell me if this is related to getting IPs blacklisted or what the specific details were but it was related to Microsoft Spam protection measures. However, these emails were not appearing in message traces or quarantine so they did not even make it to our client environment. GoTo said they are working on solving this issue. I spoke with the re-seller/contractor we worked with when we implemented the system and they said they another customer this week having the same issue with Fax-2-Email from GoTo Connect as well.

If there are any other GoTo customers on here just wanted to give you the FYI in case you are seeing a similar issue. So far we have only found 3 examples of this issue out of probably 100 voicemail-2-email transactions. Kinda stinks because GoTo Connect doesn’t have a really easy or visual way to listen to shared voicemail box messages and the configuration for these boxes were in delete after send so we lost those voicemails and had some unhappy customers. Hopefully this helps others. Have a great rest of the week."


Has anybody else encountered such problems, or found any solutions?





GoTo Moderator

Re: GoTo Connect Voicemail-To-Email Delivery Problems With Office365

Hi @Robbert2024 Welcome to the GoTo Community. 


We took a look at your email and found the email  address keeps going to our bounce suppression list because of error responses from their mail server.


The suggestion is to have someone from your IT side take a look because manual action is needed on your side to allow our sender domain or IPs. 


Hope this helps! 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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