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GoTo Desktop App Issues

I have created a new user in our portal, assigned a new extension, and provisioned a phone for him.  He has downloaded the Desktop and Mobile apps.  The physical phone works fine and  the mobile app works fine.  When using the Desktop app, outgoing calls display "Calling...." and then it disappears and the call ends.  Inbound calls show up but neither the Accept or Decline buttons are available.  


I have seen a couple of threads on here about this issue with no resolution.  Is there a list of Settings required by GoTo for Windows 11 to be able to use the desktop app?  I have used my own machine settings as a comparison but everything on his end seems to match what I have. 


Any assistance would be appreciated.




GoTo Moderator

Re: GoTo Desktop App Issues

Hi @MattMcNeill good to see you. 


I checked with our team who said it's most likely to do with some permissions not being enabled. If you haven't already, check out Glenn's post here. If everything is set you should reach out to customer support who can run through the settings. Thanks. 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: GoTo Desktop App Issues



Thanks for push.  That got me in the right direction.  It was not set for the softphone in the drop down.


I appreciate the help.