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Lack of Communication

Hello! I am going to vent a little here... Last week GoTo rolled out some analytics enhancements for call backs. I got the email about it but when I went to look for it,  it was missing (2/21). Call support, spent 1 hour on the phone, my ticket was assigned to some random persons email so I never got any updates. Called in again today to get updates.. come to find out (if this is even true.. ) that the call back analytics was removed, since it didn't work or "was still in beta" then why was it rolled out with a check it out email? You guys can communicate one way but not the other. Why not say hey oops this is not working so we removed it (so you wont see it anymore), instead leaving me to contact support and let them stumble though trying to figure it out, because tier 1 know zero about it. 


Also this morning I got a pop up in Firefox telling me about the NEW MSG inbox! Nice ok .. well that thing barely works and it only shows up in one browser (Firefox) its missing from Edge and Chrome. I tried to tell support this and I go the same "this is also in beta".  


Can anyone tell me if this is the case? I can see the analytics callback options in Edge, but not Chome or Firefox. I can see the new text msg inbox in Firefox but not Chrome or Edge. 


Thank you for any insight you can provide


Re: Lack of Communication

So it seems that either.. the support person lied when telling me these features are in "beta"  OR I've been randomly chosen to beta test the  text msg inbox and the call back.. because like magic they are all available now on all the browsers.


And like the title of my post not a single communication from GoTo on what they are doing on the back end with my account.


Well here are some notes on the Text msg inbox - The drop down doesn't drop down.



On the column showing all the numbers you can see the text msg that was sent but when you actually select it to view the conversation all the text is missing.




Now if I go back before December 1st the conversations do show  the entire conversation. Which tells me a change was made back in 2023 and caused this bug and it was either never reported or never fixed.





GoTo Manager

Re: Lack of Communication

Hi @mkeaton,


We apologize for the frustration and your poor experience with these feature deployments. We take our customers feedback very seriously and have been reviewing how this situation happened, and how we can improve upon it. 


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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