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Audience View Painfully Slow


Audience view has slowed down over time.   Now it is painfully slow.   I present from a laptop that is connected to an external monitor via USB C.     I have only one monitor (Dell 43") - so I only need one.   


My internet connection is 1G.  Verified at greater than 500 up and down - typically closer to 860 M down and 920 M up.    I use a wired connection.   


At the same time, I connected to the meeting with a Microsoft go laptop and watched the presentation there.  This laptop is incredibly underpowered and connected to to the internet via WIFI.   The slides display there with a small lag but nothing like the lag seen in the audience view.


Due to its lag, as a presenter I find the audience view distracting and maybe only useful to see if I am actually driving the display, but not as a representation as what the audience is seeing - unless it is emulating what someone over dial-up would see 🙂


Yes I use animations.   The same animations that worked well with audience view for years - I have been using GTM for over 8 years now.

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Re: Audience View Painfully Slow

Hi @JimLewis  

Thanks for this feedback. 


Can you specify what the average delay time is, in seconds? 

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Re: Audience View Painfully Slow

Around 3 seconds and the wipe right animation is jerky.    


I setup another laptop and logged in through it and the display was faster and smoother.   So I am assuming there is just something that is slowing down the Audience view - and making it jerky.  Also, I was the only one logged in during this test, so in no way did the Audience view represent the delays that the  audience was actually seeing.  


Mind you, I just did a on-line presentation at a conference that is based in Germany and their "audience view" was almost instantaneous and well aligned with my PowerPoint presentation.  

LogMeIn Manager

Re: Audience View Painfully Slow

Hi @JimLewis 


A delay is when seeing the audience/attendee view is normal since the screen share is being reflected (for lack of a better word), back to you from the attendees, so it is traveling twice. Internet/network latency at the time can come into play. Seeing a delay there does not necessarily mean that your attendees are experiencing any delay on their side. 


Please note: If you are hosting a webcast webinar and join as an attendee from another device you will definitely see a delay and that is normal, but it is not noticeable to your attendees. With the way webcast webinars are broadcast there a delay but it is only observed if you are an attendee in the same room as the presenter.


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