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GoToMeeting Outlook Plug-In Won't Install

Setting up a new user to the company. Running a 13 inch Dell XPS with Windows 10 Professional. It came with Office Click to Run installed with the system out of the box.


We use Office 365, however, these two do not do well together. When we installed our O365, it showed two copies of every Office program. So we uninstalled it, and put our license into the Office Click to Run.


The issue is, this Office Click to Run does not show as an installed program within Add/Remove Programs.


When I try to install the GTM Plug-In for Outlook, it says a version of Office 2010 or later is required to be installed. I did some searching and have not seen anyone else with this problem yet.


Any ideas?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: GoToMeeting Outlook Plug-In Won't Install

Hi Joe,

I apologize, some versions that are not the full desktop variety of Outlook will not be compatible with the GoToMeeting plugin. 


If you can at least upgrade your Outlook version, and not the entire office suite, then this may be a solution for you.

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Re: GoToMeeting Outlook Plug-In Won't Install

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. It is the full desktop version of Office. It is Office 365 Professional Plus, full desktop suite of all the Office products. The trouble is they don't show as installed, so it seems your installer is not seeing them either.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: GoToMeeting Outlook Plug-In Won't Install

Due to the fact that you cannot locate the Outlook program its self to manage or uninstall as a full desktop program, it seems like you have the store-app version, which is not considered 'full' by Microsoft.


If you go into your Office account settings, you can download the full version.  And when you download it, be sure to Save first, then 'Run as Administrator' to ensure the proper access for all users on that PC.

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Re: GoToMeeting Outlook Plug-In Won't Install

Hi I am posting this in case it is useful to others. I have a found a Microsoft article which mentions the add-in limitations with the store version of Office: