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GoToMeeting Screen Sharing Always Pauses

Almost every time I am hosting GoToMeeting sessions on my PC, I get the silver/black blinking icon saying the sharing is paused and then viewers can no longer see my screen or they only see the last screen when it paused. This has happened in very critical situations and is really preventing me from doing my job. Sometimes I am looking at or opening other apps/windows, but this also happens when I do nothing or what seems like nothing to me. I've even tried only having one PPT file open and sharing PPT - still happens. On Windows 10.


Is this possibly another app interfering? If not, what is going on? How do I fix this? Rebooting has not helped. 



LogMeIn Manager

Re: GoToMeeting Screen Sharing Always Pauses

Hi @GTMUser


Screen sharing should only pause automatically when you choose to share a specific application window and then launch another application window over it. As long as the other application you are interacting with is on another screen, this will not happen. If you only have one monitor connected to your computer, you would need to share your entire screen rather than a specific application window.


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