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New Contributor

Gotomeeting 10.1.2 build 15251 new version very paintfull

Hi Gotomeeting, 


I want to share my experience, i started to use gotomeeting 10 years ago. 


The new version use a lot the cpu, we have many issue with audio many time i use gotomeeting for the view and skype for the audio.


The remote control is not very hight speed of before.


The organizer and the client have 10MB / s on upload and download with windows 10, 16 GB of ram and i5 or i7.


Other functionnality is missingto take the control when the windows is admin. We lost the control on the task manager.


When we need to check a problem on customer side, we need to ask many stuff on the clientlike open / close the Task Manager.


Let me know, what i need to do to fix the issue.

Best regards







LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Gotomeeting 10.1.2 build 15251 new version very paintfull

Hi Brice,

Thanks for your feedback here.

It sounds like you may be attempting to use GoToMeeting to remotely access some parts of attendee's PCs that require elevated permissions.  Have you tried using GoToAssist or Rescue in this regard?