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New Contributor

Hybrid: Some meeting participants in room and others remote - sound problems

We want to use a site such as GoToMeeting for our next meeting. We tried this in July and it did not work because people who were distant from the computer could not be heard by those online. In addition, when others in the meeting  room went online (in an effort to provide more microphones in the room)  we got feedback that made it difficult, if not impossible, to hear.


GoToMeeting seems to be intended for situations in which all of the participants are on line. We need a hybrid: something that will accommodate 10-20 people  in a  large meeting room as well as those participating remotely online.


We have been simply using a telephone conference call, with a good telephone designed for this purpose, but that has not worked well, again because people on the telephone have a hard time hearing.


Might you have a recommendation or a referral? Are there microphones and speakers  that could be scattered around the meeting table and connected to the computer running GoToMeeting.  We do not need video, just quality sound.


Ideas? Suggestions? Questions?


Thanks. wacdlwis


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Hybrid: Some meeting participants in room and others remote - sound problems

Hi wacdlwis,

GoTo does offer some conferencing systems for medium sized conference rooms that may work for your organization:


The latest versions utilize Dolby technology, which are very advanced in the way they process background noise and isolate presenter voices.