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New Contributor

I stop using GTM



After two years using GoToMeeting, I'm goint to stop using it and I'd like to share why. 


I have been experiencing issues during last months. People (and me) sometimes were not able to listen and talk, it got fixed just leaving and accesing again the meeting. That's why I think it was a GTM problem. 


Downloading recordings was a real problem. It takes almost 1h and many times there was download problems. Some times I need one day to download a recording. And then I had to convert it to use it correcty. 


There are communication problems with people in Latam and GTM does not prive local phone numbers for those countries. 


So.. I have paid for one year, but I'm goint to end using GTM. 




LogMeIn Contributor

Re: I stop using GTM

Sorry to hear about your frustrations, Carlos.

Since the problems began, were you able to call into Customer Support to help us document any unknown problems there?

While we may not have local dial in numbers for all locations, all attendees may use their Mic & Speakers to receive audio feeds through their desktop PC or mobile device with a steady internet connection.