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New Contributor

Missing camera feeds from recording

Just recorded a training session we had and we wanted to be able to record the camera. I did some testing prior to the meeting and I was able to get the camera feed recorded for not only the present but also an incoming feed.


This meeting, we had a better turn out than expected and we are missing quite a few of the camera feeds including the most important one from out presenter. 


Is there a way to get these back at all, somewhat defeats the purpose of recording the presenter if the presenter doesn't show up at all.

New Contributor

Re: Missing camera feeds from recording

Slight change, presenter was there, just small but we are missing a few of the other incoming streams that were present. Any ideas on getting those back or limitations on number of incoming video streams able to be recorded?
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Missing camera feeds from recording

@md-nffc  You should be able to record all the webcams with the screen sharing and integrated audio together.  If you were able to successfully record one webcam feed, do you know how the other participants were sharing their video feeds?


** I"m afraid GoTo services do not keep any extra copies of recordings outside of your local PC or your online Cloud Recording storage.