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Re: Multiple folders in user/appdata/local/gotomeeting

Hi unfortunately we know that all too well. Go2omeeting is the only web meeting app that requires this and many of those old folders have critical vulnerabilities as reported by the National Vulnerability database and vendor. When found, we need to delete those folders through scripts and update the desktop icons constantly to use the most current version, otherwise customers may find their meetings vulnerable to exploit.

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Re: Multiple folders in user/appdata/local/gotomeeting

Hi @badingb, welcome to the community.


This post is from 2018 and a number of changes were made back then so that GoToMeeting would automatically remove older versions and their data, except for the 2-3 (I will need to confirm the exact number), that are being used by customers currently. I recall the occasional customer having to do an complete uninstall and reinstall if the automatic 'clean up' process stopped running for some reason.


I took the time to search and the only mention of GoToMeeting there was a version of our Android app from 2014. 



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