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New Contributor

Playing video with sound through iPad in GoToMeeting

There is a video which we need to play via iPad for audiences.  I am able to share my screen using iPad and GoToMeeting App; however, i can't seem to make the audio of the video playing on my iPad available to the audiences. 

Is there any way I can share the video with sound to audiences in GoToMeeting App?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Playing video with sound through iPad in GoToMeeting

Hi Hsin,

Video sharing for GoToMeeting is not yet available to customers, though we are considering development of it in the future.  Should this become a feature we will be certain to update the Community with the details on functionality. 


If you had an audio-out jack on the iPad, then you might be able to send the video's audio through another outlet, but I don't believe this is possible with that tablet variation.