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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Published binary file hashes

I am sorry, @DVIT .  We can't change the way GoTo services operate to accomodate this one vendor. 


You may reach out to Cyclance as a paying customer, and tell them this URL opened in a browser on Windows would deliver the LMI-signed windows binary “GoTo Opener.exe” that could be audited and whitelisted by Cylance:


Hopefully they can create a GoTo whitelist from their side to address the blockage.

New Contributor

Re: Published binary file hashes

When I last checked the issue seemed to be that GotoWebinar is completely different than GotoMeeting in its behavior.  LogMeIn employees were unable to grasp this concept and would insist they are the same, even when they are completely different in their work flow.  For example, there is a web page for testing GotoMeeting, but not say nothing of the program changing every time it is downloaded.  Does LogMeIn not relalize this is a hallmark of a bad program? 


I am surprised other antivirus vendors are not whacking it too, unless they have LogMeIn software an approved list where they blindly trust your company to not publish malware alongside your program, which is bad given how many companies do evil things while claiming to be good...just look at several of the "free" antivirus programs that were found to be doing bad things in recent weeks.


I hope Cylance can figure out something without reducing the security of its platform since it is looking at the .EXE file to see what sketchy things the author of the program has done.  We have only had a couple of other false postiives due to similar bad programming (your .EXE looks like the bad programs of every other ransomware maker).  Every other program out there where this might happen, allows me to calculate the SHA256 hash and mark it as safe.  With a binary that changes every time it is downloaded that is just not possible.