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SAML SSO setup and user login behavior


We are in process of setting up SAML SSO for our LogMeIn environment with one of our IDPs. We already have local users created assigned to specific products like GotoMeeting, GotoWebinar, etc.

Curent local users are configured with the email addresses from the same domain that we have added to the Organization Center for SSO.

Want to know that once we have the identity provider configured and SSO al setup how it may work for the local user accounts already in the system and the SSO users?  
 Will it enforce the local users to use the SSO credentials or the local and SSO users may work at the same time, even though the email address for both the users are same. Or we may be able to associate those existing local users to our identity provider so they may just be able to login with their SSO idp credentials?

Also for new users may be added under Organization Center, how can they be assigned a product?

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Re: SAML SSO setup and user login behavior

@amahmood  Depending on your IDP, ADFS and SSO setup, the instructions may vary in the way that you manage users.  Here's an example for ADFS 3.0:


In regards to signing in through both the website and SSO, they do not conflict.  You can manually use the email and password at of any user on the account at any time, from multiple locations.

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Re: SAML SSO setup and user login behavior

Thank you AshC,

We are setting up Enterprise Sign-In / SAML SSO with Jumpcloud IDP, and have the all the configuration documentation available so don't any issue there.

But looking for any documentation/information around the user login behavior and managing SSO users.

As I mentioned earlier that we have local users accounts created with the same name and email addresses as they will be having for SSO user accounts, so once we create/add users under Organization Center for SSO users with name and email address that is same as one of the local users, how we may assign that SSO user to a product? Also if we want that user to only use SSO credentials and not the local ones, may we need to remove the local user account for the user and ask then to login using My Company ID option only?

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Re: SAML SSO setup and user login behavior

@amahmood  We now have the ability to force single sign on for companies using GoToMeeting services.  Simple contact Customer Care directly by phone to create a ticket.  Once complete, the process is a quick one:  Usually less than 24 hours M-F.