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New Contributor

Scheduling and sharing a meeting

I use google calendar and it syncs with gotomeeting scheduling.   I have created a meeting for a future date and I want to promote it to my Linked In network.  When the link is created for that future event...


1.does clicking the link give the user the option to add it to their Outlook calendar, in the case they don't use google?   


2. do they get reminders of the future event they have regsitered for?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Scheduling and sharing a meeting

Hi @SalesTeam247 ,

GoToMeeting effectively creates an invitation template for you to use at your discretion, which you can send as an email, calendar appointment, FB post, etc.  Depending on how you notify your participants will dictate how they will be able to 'follow' the event.


If you send out a calendar appointment, then it will be up to your participants to receive / accept / add the appointment to their own calendar.  If this is done successfully, then they will certainly see that calendar date upcoming and hopefully receive reminders from their active calendar application (Google Vs. Outlook Vs. Other).


If you were to post the link on FB or Twitter for example, then Attendees could 'follow' the event, and would just click the GoToMeeting join link at the start of your broadcast.



** GoToMeeting itself does not have any email functionality / interaction with your Attendees, so it's up to the Organizers to notify and coordinate with all participants.