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User not able to schedule a meeting

We have users  who are not able to save at new scheduled meeting. After entering the meeting information and clicking to save, a message box pops up "Couldn't schedule the meeting - GoTo Meeting, Unexpected error. Please try again."

The user how are having the problem are using the GoToMeeting app (8.12.1 b7882) on Citrix. Most of the user don't have this issue. 

GoTo Manager

Re: User not able to schedule a meeting

Hi @Edwin2,


Are these 2 users scheduling online through the website or through the GoToMeeting software on their computers? I see you are part of a corporate account, it is possible their organizer licenses were reassigned to other users by the account admin.

Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: User not able to schedule a meeting

I am experiencing this same issue.  This is through GotoMeeting software on my PC.  I have restarted the software numerous times.  Restarted PC, did not resolve.  


I have tested using several different user accounts under our corporate account, same error each time.  Other people do not experience the error when using their PCs connection to same GotoMeeting user accounts.


I suspect its a problem with the app on local PC.  GotoMeeting version

Uninstalled GotoMeeting and reinstalled, error persists.  Now I have version


How I ultimately solved the issue:
Uninstalled GotoMeeting, then rebooted PC, then reinstalled GotoMeeting.

New Contributor

Re: User not able to schedule a meeting

I know this is pretty late but I was having the exact same issue and I found that simply starting a bogus meeting (Meet Now) will allow the GTM program to update in which you can actually see where it says 'Updating' under the GTM start up logo. While the meeting is in session, go to the running programs window (the arrow near your clock-see pic), right-click the GTM icon and select 'Schedule a Meeting'.  At this point you should be able to schedule a meeting without receiving the error.  If you have the GTM plug-in for Outlook, it should automatically open the invite email and from there you can enter all the attendees. I'm suggesting this as a faster solution, as I tried the reinstall option from JessiePD and it did not work.