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Active Contributor

animated PPT from Box is static

we are using BOX for sharing documents in G2M on iPad
what we are facing is that animated Powerpoint Slides do not appear animated,
they are shown static, and I wonder if this the common behaviour
or there is a bug/known workaround aiming for
I have no experience with such, that s why asking

any thoughts?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: animated PPT from Box is static

@Tho-Mas  I haven't heard of videos remaining static before, though it is true the mobile apps (on your iPad) do have some screen sharing restrictions.  I'm not exactly sure how sharing through BOX would interfere with the broadcast, but if you are on a mobile device it's usually a good idea to minimize the number of active apps at any one time while broadcasting.

Active Contributor

Re: animated PPT from Box is static

it seems to me BOX PPT Viewer is not able to display animations used in the slides
was wondering if anybody else could make this work or facing the same ...