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New Contributor

not worth the trouble

Wasted my morning trying out Gotomeeting after having had a great experience with my join me trial. I spent nearly an hour, and have yet to be able to start a test meeting.  After creating an account, opening the link in my verification email and trying to start a test, I did as prompted and downloaded the opener.  The first time launching the opener, I am told that it is waiting for the admin (of my meeting). I follow link to sign is as the admin,  a long wait for the sign in screen to open, and using the exact same credentials i used to sign into the web, get told that my info is incorrect. 


Ok, fine, maybe i typoed. Oh wait, no opportunity to re-sign in. Exit and start over. Now the opener never launches again. Minimum 10 tries. Uninstall - nope, still running- end task - uninstall - reinstall.  Opener will not launch.  end task again- Uninstall again. reinstall again. finally it opens. Very long wait, but it opens. Same sign in, I'm still not the admin. click sign in as admin. Very long wait. finally, sign in window.  Same credentials, careful though,  no typos.  long wait.....long wait....invalid username or password. 


Uninstall. back to join me for the paid version. I only came here to compare these two softwares. I got my answer.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: not worth the trouble

Hi @onotereojosdf ,

I am sorry to hear of your first experience with GoToMeeting having some issues.  If you'd like to troubleshoot further, I would like to know what operating system and web browser versions you were using.  Along with any browser plugins and/or security firewalls installed there?