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Search for future events

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Search for future events

The ability to keyword search scheduled training to easily find a future event rather than having to scroll through each page. This would make managing events a whole lot easier and avoid frustration and errors.

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so we have about 60 webinars scheduled for the near future.

12 of those webinars have a certain prefix to quickly identify their nature. In my case the prefix is  "CAMP MTX:".


Now on the webinar dashboard I can see the list of scheduled webinars. It is about 8 pages long.

I now try to filter/search for those webinars with the special prefix by entering "CAMP MTX:" in the search field. 

That basically works and the list then only contains the 12 webinars with exactly that prefix.

However, I can only see the first page (showing 8 webinars) . Whenever I click on "next page" or "page 2" the filter/search term is ignored and I am presented with the full list of webinars again. 


So I can only access the first 8 special webinars with the prefix. To find the remaining 4 webinars with the prefix I have to scroll through the complete list of 60 webinars or 8 pages.


this can be seen here in a recording:

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@campsys  We should have some event searchability improvements coming in the near future.  Thanks for your patience. 

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