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AutoCad authentication conflict with Logmein

On the current release of AutoCad and the past several releases there has been an issue while trying to authenticate AutoCad subscription.  You get an error:  

Error: "The License manager is not functioning or is improperly installed" on systems with LogMeIn installed


AutoDesk has found this to be an issue between itself and Logmein.  The patch is to disable Logmein, license Autocad, then reenable Logmein.  While this works it is a pain.  If you want to license Autocad while remote you cannot.  Because, of course, you have disabled Logmein.  

See more about it from AutoDesk here:

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: AutoCad authentication conflict with Logmein

Hey Randall,

I have asked around but we don't have any idea what AutoCAD needs to finish its registration, so therefore it's hard to say where the conflict is exactly...

Active Contributor

Re: AutoCad authentication conflict with Logmein

Hmm, well Autodesk has it documented on their site of the issue and how to work around it.

Maybe contact AutoDesk and the two of you work on this?  I put the issue completely on AutoDesk myself.  I am asking them the same questions.