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New Contributor

connection to the remote computer has been lost


Connection is disconnected upon verify identity.

We have a few hundreds pc's connected to central and recently we are getting this issue when using the client app. these are Windws 10 x86 and x64

We still have some older Windows 7 devices, they do not have this problem...

Before posting this I tried:

- updating the certificates: no result

- connecting to the host which is directly connected to the internet ( no firewall): no result

- connecting to the host on client pc with no firewall: no result

- disabling local windows firewall on the host: no result 


On the other hand, we are able to connect to all devices using IE11 browser.


Any ideas what might go wrong?

Many thanks!






LogMeIn Contributor

Re: connection to the remote computer has been lost

@JST2  It sounds like you've checked the firewall, which would be my first impulse.  As long as you're host computers are all up to date with the latest LMI software, then we may want to gather some log files to dig into the connection failure there.  Feel free to give us a call when you have direct access to one of the problem PCs. 

New Contributor

Re: connection to the remote computer has been lost

Just chiming in to say we've got a Windows 8.1 device that started exhibiting this issue. We've got about 100 other devices in a mix of Win 8, 10, Server 2012-2019, and so far we seem to be able to connect to other devices OK, just this one. 


LMI client is up-to-date and we can connect to Dashboard, Host Monitoring, and even the "basic, lo-fi" web-only remote control works, but attempting to connect via the high fidelity LMI remote control fails in the same fashion as you posted.