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Username change

Hi, when using unatteneded access, the username required doesn't change when the actual user of the PC has renamed it.  Even if unattended is set up with the current ( but different to the original ) username, we still require the original.  If there something you can do about this as it involves going to a command prompt or similar to check the actual name.  It has always been this way.

 Also on Winows 10 if a user has a microsoft account, it is unlikely we'll be given that password for unattended access, any way around this e.g. using PIN entry ?



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Re: Username change

Thanks, I'll try that.

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Re: Username change

Hello MarvinTPA!

If you want to deploy an unattended access and the end users don't want to share their credentials, than you should use the "At setup" setting.


In that case the the Rescue applet pops up a window where the clients can enter their credentials that the Rescue Technicians cannot get back. The option just let the technician to use the given credentials in limited time range, for maximum 2 weeks.


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Re: Username change

Thanks, I'll try that.