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New Contributor

MacOS Big Sur host: no mouse click or keyboard input accepted from client

Since upgrading my Mac to MacOS Big Sur I am unable to interact with it via the LogMeIn Client (both MacOS and iOS versions of the client are affected) as it no longer accepts mouse clicks or keyboard input. I've already tried the trick of unchecking/checking the client app in the Security/Accessibility settings app, that did not have any effect.


Is Big Sur not yet supported by LogMeIn?

New Contributor

We are using Catalina OS and cannot control MAC keyboard and mouse. Pls help!

GoTo Moderator

@GowayTvl  Did this just start happening, or was it a recently set up host computer? 


Did you check the Accessibility settings for LMI permissions on the Mac in question? 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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