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LMI Rescue - Big Sur

Hi everyone,


I need to get a remote support session from Mcafee, they use LMI rescue, but each time I download the applet they send me the link for it won't run

They sent through instructions regarding adding LMI to the accessibility section in Privacy and Security, but still it won't run.

Their answer is that there must be something wrong with my OS and I need to reinstall it.


Surely this can't be the case?


Any help would be appreciated.





GoTo Contributor

Re: LMI Rescue - Big Sur

Hi Ed,


I'm sorry to hear that you have issues with the link generated on the website.

I'm happy to help you through to identify the issue, please click my Community name in order to send a private message with any screen shots you may have. 


Best regards,


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Re: LMI Rescue - Big Sur

Anyone have firsthand experience? I'm considering deploying to a small fleet of about 100 Macs. My environment challenges are that we are completely mobile and in and out of various gov firewalls, VPNs, and networks. I can't always be sure my HD team will have access to screen sharing, or be on the same network, etc. Wondering if Rescue is a good solution to temper that. Any overall thoughts? Cost? Functionality?



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Re: LMI Rescue - Big Sur

@Quigleym  The biggest hurdle will be to install Rescue as an Administrator on the Macs you plan to remotely access.  Otherwise, the firewall documents on our support site can be referenced if individual locations have their own restrictions: 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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