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Pop ups and Notifications for calls

Hello Community, I am hoping that posting this will either enlighten me on how to disable these pop ups or provide a support solution.


Users at our clinic use their desk phones and also use the contact center to see calls in the queue, wrap up times, and all that. even if the app shows that I have my desk phone selected the website app will notify me with 2 pops ups that there is a call coming in. I don't want it to pop up anything as i am not using the softphone, its very distracting. I had at one point contacted support for this and there was no resolution to the issue so I can only assume that it was made to function this way or its a bug.


This is what I'm logged in as, for the desk phone, not the soft phone & not the mobile app.



Here are the pop ups that I don't need to see (or HEAR the ringing is super loud), since I have the desk phone ringing..



The 3rd pop up was the desktop app that I had open (didn't realize it) but that means that the desktop app also is notifying me.


If we block pop ups we break the wrap up window.

If I put myself on DND or set my self offline on the website my DESK PHONE calls GoTo VM - and I get zero calls to my desk phone.



If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!


Users need to keep the website open to view the contact center and provide pause reasons so closing that window does fix it, however not the solution for our situation.


Hopefully this is something simple that we just haven't figured out. Thank you for any help on this!!!




GoTo Moderator

Re: Pop ups and Notifications for calls

Hi @mkeaton  Your screens shots and experience are valuable feedback that has been shared with the team. Updating Notifications Preferences and Management is being prioritized and I hope to have more information later this year. Thanks! 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: Pop ups and Notifications for calls

 I hope to have more information later this year?????


A year???   Not really an acceptable answer - you've added this "feature" that obviously others like myself find quite annoying. Please do your market research before you enable your programmer to give "features" that no one wants!

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Re: Pop ups and Notifications for calls

I have the same question.  My whole team deals with the pop-ups every time the phone rings, and I cannot turn them off.  Very frustrating.