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Suggested Features

Coming from a different PBX provider, GoTo seems to be missing some key features, specifically for call centers. We'd love to see the following implemented:



Surveys: This already exists for chats. However, having a survey at the end of the call to rate an agent's service would be great for KPI.

Call Disposition: The option to disposition a call once the customer or agent hangs up. This will assist with reporting. (i.e. the call finishes, then the agent can select what the call was about from pre-set options by an admin).

Screen Recording: The agent's screen is recorded from the moment the call starts to the moment the call ends. This will assist with QAs as well as training/



Apple Business Messaging: If this integration is added, we'll be able to move all of our current live chat support to GoTo.

GoTo Manager

Re: Suggested Features

Hi @alejandromachad, welcome to the community.

In order to keep the Community Ideas effective we ask that each post is kept to 1 specific idea. This makes it easier for others to find an Idea that they are also interested in, so they can comment and add their vote. This also reduces the duplication of Ideas.

In regard to your call ideas, have you reviewed our Contact Center?

Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Suggested Features

Yes, we have Contact Center, but the features mentioned are not included. Maybe these will be offered in the future?