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New Contributor

Add product (gotomeeting) to account

I have Jive for telephones, as such I have a Jive account and Logmein account. When I try and add gotomeeting from the gotomeeting sign up page it asks for me to sign into my logmein account, which I do, but then it takes me to my profile. At that point it shows me my "Products", of which only Jive is shown. This associated email also has gotomeeting and accounts, but these "prodcuts" are not shown on my account. Is there a way to add these products to this screen, if not how do I show/sign up and have it listed in my Products?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Add product (gotomeeting) to account

Hi Steve,

If you have two separate LMI accounts, you may contact Customer Care to see about a merger option.  If you already have the two accounts tied together, then you might be able to toggle between them after you log in normally at either site.