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New Contributor

Refund Request

We have an important corporate meeting this morning today. We joined the trial service in last week. It can arrange a meeting with over 200 participants for 14 days! We tried this service internally and it's work. So I send out the invitation to all of my clients!


In this morning,  I tried to login the meeting and found that there are 40 mins and only 4 people can join the meeting! There are 6 days left for free trial! To solve the problem, we purchased your Pro service. You mentioned that you will charge USD29. However, you charged me USD348! It's really ridiculous!


We are willing to pay for Novemeber, but not for a year! Can you please provide refund service? 


Please tell me what can I do? 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Refund Request

Hi Louis,

I'm afraid you will have to create a case with Customer Support if you'd like a refund or change of subscription type:


New Contributor

Re: Refund Request

Hi Gotomeeting Team


Exact thing happnded with me. I wanted to buy 1 month subscription but ended up getting one year bcz your website the too confusing on what we are buying.  I think it is made puposefully like it. Please refund my 11 months subscription. 

  • 26 Mar 2020 PDT - 26 Mar 2021 PDT

  • $192.00 USD

  • GST India – 18%

  • $34.56 USD
    Charged to MasterCard – 9588

  • -$226.56 USD

Invoice No. 197762006


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